Hi, welcome to Little Sloth Co, my name is Raven. Let me tell you a little about myself and Little Sloth Co.

How did Little Sloth Co all get started you ask? In 2019 my husband (fiance at that time) and I decided to skip the big traditional wedding to follow a lifelong dream of ours. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to backpack South America for a few months. An opportunity that I knew I would regret if we passed it up. 

So I took the leap and left behind a successful interior design career of 15 years. This was going to be the biggest adventure of my life up to this point and it was a little scary. During our travels we found ourselves in places that had a truly deep impact on me, that made me re-evaluate what I wanted from this very short time we have on this Earth. I realised I needed a change in how I continued my career, pace of life and the amount of time I get with my family!

A quick side note: Before our trip, I had recently become a first time Aunty to a beautiful niece and could not hold back in finding the very best quality and most unique products for her. I searched high and low and found them in all corners of the country and thought, “wouldn’t it be great if all of these items were all in one place...”

We arrived back in South Africa in the nick of time and the whole world had changed. Sanitiser, face mask, lock down, curfew, we all know how this story goes. During this time I found myself unemployed. No one was looking for a freelance interior designer especially a restaurant designer.

Despite some personal hardships, we received the best news during 2020! My niece was getting a baby brother. Once again I started to searched high and low and that’s when inspiration hit. 

One website for products that I personally believe in and fit with my ethics and approach to life. To reduce, reuse and recycle. Use more products that are eco-friendly, safe and non toxic. Support small businesses and manufacture locally where possible. Bring back the basics: books, plush, wood toys and educational products. And last but not least, inspiration from my design roots: functionality, practicality, superior quality, uniqueness, cuteness and the wow factor.

And so a small business owner was created and Little Sloth Co was established. So in short, this is what you need to know about us:

We search high and low to bring you a selection of high quality on-trend baby and child furniture, toys, plush, books, accessories and gift boxes delivered to your door step. We have carefully hand selected all our products from local business from around South Africa, as well as some of the best international brands.

Quality, safety and sustainability are the main criteria for choosing the products we carry. We believe beautiful, functional products should not be harmful to the environment or to you and your little ones.

We never stop searching! Every month we stock new and exciting products on our website that you and your little one will simply love, as much as we do.