• Alison Green Books

    Alison Green Books

    Alison Green Books is part of Scholastic Children’s Books, publishing picture and novelty books which are creative and fun. Alison has produced more than 30 picture and novelty books; including bestselling and award-winning titles by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

    The Scholastic Group believes that independent reading is a critical part of children’s learning and growth. With support from teachers, parents and schools, children choose from Scholastic the books they want to read, and discover the pleasure and power of reading.

  • Elegant Baby

    Elegant Baby

    Elegant Baby is a premium luxury baby gift brand based in the United States, that effortlessly blends tradition and trend. For over fifty years, they have been creating luxury baby gifts & clothing that make a lasting impression. The company core values are of integrity, social responsibility, corporate stewardship, sustainability, and respect for those who craft their products and those who become the proud owners of their luxury baby goods. Their goal is to provide the very best in quality, design, and craftsmanship.

  • Les Deglingos

    Les Deglingos

    The Les Déglingos brand is committed to creating more responsible products. Concerned with reducing the environmental impact Les Déglingos uses 100% recycled polyester stuffing. The polyester used is RPET that comes from the recycling of plastic bottles, thus reducing the consumption and production of new polyester. Les Déglingos brand mission is to have 100% products made entirely from recycled materials by 2022, building a better future for our children!

  • Little Sloth Co

    Little Sloth Co

    Little Sloth Co was established in 2021 from the desire to provide unique high quality baby products to South Africa. With our core belief that beautiful, functional products should not be harmful to the environment or to you and your little ones.

    By partnering with other proudly South African businesses, we reduce our carbon footprint by importing less, making more and supporting local. The Little Sloth Co furniture and baby apparel range is designed and manufactured locally and meet our criteria for quality, safety and sustainability. We are proud to offer you these products under our Little Sloth Co brand logo.

  • Little Tiger

    Little Tiger

    The Little Tiger Group is a creatively-led independent publisher comprised of four imprints, each with its own distinct approach to creating engaging and inspiring books for children and young people. 

    For younger children, Little Tiger focus on innovative, interactive novelty books and beautiful picture books from award-winning authors and illustrators.

    The Little Tiger Group’s mission is to create a diverse range of high-quality books, with something that will appeal to every reading taste, helping children develop a passion for books and a life-long love of reading.

  • Mary Meyer

    Mary Meyer

    In 1933, Mary Meyer started sewing unique companions for her children and neighbours. Inventive, driven, and compassionate, Mary built a company that continues to bring joy to children and families all over the world with care, quality, integrity, and love. This intention has been passed down two generations, to Mary’s grandsons who run the company today, because this is who Mary Meyer was and this is what the company she started is all about.

  • Micro Mobility

    Micro Mobility

    Established by Wim Ouboter in 1996 who invented the world-famous Micro Scooter in Zurich Switzerland. Their goal is to make urban mobility practical and time-saving. All their products were developed to reflect their vision of space-saving micro mobility, quality and practical for covering short distances. A young, highly motivated team takes care of development and marketing of Micro in over 80 countries around the world. Providing dozens of the highest quality mobility devices for children, adolescents and adults.

  • Pan Macmillan

    Pan Macmillan

    Macmillan Children’s Books is one of the UK’s leading children’s publishers, creating and publishing absorbing and exciting stories for children of all ages for over 150 years. Macmillan was the original publisher of classic heritage titles such as The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book, and continue to acquire and publish future classics of tomorrow.

    Pan Macmillan is the number one picture book imprint and are proud to publish best-selling and prize-winning authors and illustrators such as Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler, Rod Campbell and Emily Gravett.

  • Penguin Random House

    Penguin Random House

    Penguin Random House Children's Books is the world's largest English-language children's trade book publisher. Creating books for preschool children through young adult readers, in all formats from board books, activity books, picture books and novels. Penguin Random House Children's Books brings together award-winning authors and illustrators

    Penguin Random House publishes many of America's most popular and highly acclaimed authors for young people, including Sandra Boynton, Roald Dahl and the beloved and bestselling Dr. Seuss Books.

  • Scratch Europe

    Scratch Europe

    Scratch is an authentically Belgian, and therefore European brand.  Every product is adapted to the age of the child, with a focus on the development of specific skills. These can range from practising fine motor skills, making connections and recognising colours and shapes, to building, drawing and counting. Each child plays according to his or her own creative approach, and Scratch is eager to support these explorations!

  • Sevi 1831

    Sevi 1831

    Sevi is Europe's oldest wooden toy manufacturer founded in Italy in 1831. All of Sevi's products are extremely durable, eco-friendly, and child safe. Each has been thoroughly tested by an independent lab to meet or exceed all European and US federal regulations. Additionally, Sevi abides by 10 of their own unique commandments which focus on design, quality, and educational benefits. Sevi has long chosen wood as their primary medium because it is "a living, natural material," but in recent years they've begun introducing other child and eco-friendly materials as well! 

  • Shooshoos


    The Shooshoos brand was founded in Cape town in 1996 and since then has already sold more than 7 million pairs of shoes for the younger generation on the world market. The company actively cooperates with podiatrists and pediatricians to create the most comfortable models for kids and guarantees 100% ecological purity of the materials used.

  • Stephen Joseph

    Stephen Joseph

    Stephen Joseph is a FRESH, FUN, BRIGHT and INNOVATIVE brand that your little ones will simply love. Stephen Joseph Gifts began in 1981 specialising in family-friendly gifts and goodies. 30 Years later they are dedicated to the same core values on which the company was founded; quality products, thoughtful details and outstanding customer service.

  • Tender Leaf Toys

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tender Leaf is an exciting world of imaginative wooden toys, that are made to last with a lifetime of love. Tender Leaf strives to continuously develop and grow charmingly quirky products, that are engaging, tirelessly entertaining, and perfect for little hands. Educational through play, every child is encouraged to be authentic so that they can grow with confidence, and have fun at the same time!

    Each toy is hand-painted, assembled and checked, then wrapped in paper and packaged in recycled cardboard.

  • Tiger Tribe

    Tiger Tribe

    Tiger Tribe was founded in 2007 with a mission to design gifts and toys that tap into a child’s imagination and sense of fun. 15 years later, they continue to create products that do that and more. Whether it’s developing a new skill, mastering a technique, increasing independence or making fun family memories, Tiger Tribe products nurture confidence and creativity in kids. There products are designed to give children the creative freedom to figure things out for themselves. When learning how to draw, fly a kite, thread a lacing card or stack rings, kids are practising how to make choices, solve problems and persevere.

  • Trudi


    Trudi is a premium plush brand founded in Tarcento, Italy in 1954 by Mrs. Trudi Muller Patriarca. Sparked by a childhood love of animals and a vivid imagination that brought each character to life, Trudi spent her teenage years sewing toys for herself and her friends. For over 60 years the Trudi brand has produced a myriad of plush from classic teddy bears to exotic jungle dwellers, using only the highest quality fabrics and materials.

    The Trudi brand takes pride in Italian design, safety, quality and providing children of all ages with instant friends to treasure for years to come.

  • Usborne


    Usborne is a British publisher of children's books founded by Peter Usborne in 1973. Usborne is one of the world’s leading independent book publishers. They are proud to be a family business that aims to create brilliant books for children of all ages - and looking after people and the planet while they do so.

    Usborne take steps to ensure that every single Usborne book is produced responsibly, ethically and safely. They look at everything from where their paper comes from, to how any chemicals are in inks, and how to reduce single-use plastics in their products.

  • Walker Books

    Walker Books

    The Walker Books Group is one of the world’s leading independent publishers of books and content for children. This vibrant international group includes Walker Books UK, London; Candlewick Press, Somerville, Massachusetts; and Walker Books Australia, based in Sydney and Auckland.

    Renowned for its truly original publishing and outstanding quality, the Walker Books Group is home to books for readers of all ages. Award-winning authors and illustrators for the group include Sam Mcbratney, Eric Carle, Michael Rosen, Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Jon Klassen.